The MVHR products and system


MVHR Heat Recovery System

1. Roof Cowl

This is used for passing ductwork through a roof.

2. Ø 150mm Ducting

The ø150mm duct runs from the Heat Recovery unit to the manifold. Its insulating properties prevent condensation and limit the escape of heat and noise, reducing the requirement for silencers.

3. Double Airbrick & Adaptor

Used as a terminal fitting at an external wall.

4. Heat Recovery Unit

The Heat Recovery Unit uses fans to extract air from inside the building and also introduce air from outside. The two air flows pass through a high efficiency heat exchanger. Each Heat Recovery Unit has a summer bypass fitted.

5. Manifold

The manifold is used as a distribution system receiving air through 150mm duct from the Heat Recovery unit and distributing the air into each room using several smaller 75mm semi-rigid ducts. With inherent insulation and sound attenuation properties, this also helps prevent condensation and limit the escape of heat and noise, reducing the requirement for duct silencers.

6. Manifold Connector

The manifold connector provides an air tight seal for the 75mm semi-rigid duct as it is connected to the manifold. This reduces the need for traditional sealing methods such as mastic. Overall this improves the system performance by reducing air leakage.

7. Outlet Plenum & Valve

This duct to room outlet adaptor moves the air from the ø75mm duct through 90° to a standard air valve connector. This reduces air speed on room entry, eliminating draughts and noise.

8. Ø 75mm Semi-Rigid Ducting

Supplied in neatly coiled 50m lengths it is easy to handle, store and transport. Its smooth inner lining and strengthened corrugated outer layer are made from Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) which makes it flexible in its application but hard wearing on site. It can be easily manipulated to changes in direction reducing the need for connectors and T-pieces and saving time on installation, however where sharper bends are required, there is a 90° bend and straight connector available.

9. Controls

The sensors can be used to automate the boost control.

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